5 Foods That Speed Up Your Metabolism

fat burning foods, foods that burn fatAre you looking for a way to lose some belly fat or just rip off some extra fat that has been bugging you? The way to do that is to do something everyday, which boosts your metabolism, and what better way to do this than eat foods, which scare the fat away.

If you are over weight or not eating the right foods, then you should really try adding some better foods to the menu. These 5 foods that speed up your metabolism are great for snacks, or you can add them to your favourite meal, just make sure that you eat them every day and never skip for the best results!

1. Whole Grains

Some would disagree with this one, since bread is not really considered something that will help your body burn fat right? Well, if you start eating things like Oatmeal and more oats, you will reap more benefits such as weight loss from its metabolism boosting properties.

2. Green Tea

Green tea is one of the more popular fat-burning drinks that people love to drink, which is why it makes this list. Just add one a day of these to your meals and notice the healthy benefits which come from drinking it. It will help remove those stubborn love handles or lower belly fat fast and easy.

3. Apples

Apples contain something called Pectin, which is an ingredient that is a potent fibre source which is excellent at helping the body boost metabolism. Which is why so many people have used apples in their diets to get amazing weight loss results.

4. Turkey/Chicken

High-protein foods like Chicken and Turkey contain lots of lean protein, which helps boost metabolism and burns more fat This protein also slows down your appetite, which helps with more weight loss and fat burning. Why do you think that Body Builders main source of meat is Turkey and Chicken Breast? Eat them with a mixture of veggies and you can’t go wrong.

5. Cottage Cheese

This high-protein source is very good at the same thing which Chicken and Turkey does, except its high in calcium. Calcium-rich foods that are lean in protein are great for speeding up metabolism because they are low on calories and  promote weight loss while suppressing hunger.

Hope you enjoyed these tips, please remember to share and eat healthy!

Eat To Win: Why Your Health Might Be Failing

eat to winHave you looked at what you have been eating lately, when was the last time you checked? This can happen to many of us who think we are eating healthy enough, but don’t notice how we are really just falling off the wagon to good health and eating for better well-being and longevity.

How many cups of coffee are you drinking at work? How many times have you eaten that cupcake or piece of candy that you really know you shouldn’t have had? This common problem happens to the best of us, even top fitness models and trainers. It’s called will power and self-realization.

How long does it take use realize we are really doing something wrong and then correct ourselves; some people are better at this than others, I am afraid. However, that doesn’t mean that you can be like the rest of the population and not notice bad habits before you start to notice a drop in your health.

When your body isn’t getting the proper nutrition, this can affect your mood, your quality of sleep and how well you can enough the little things in life. Don’t miss out and start to think more about what you can do every day to make sure that you are eating to win and focused on improvement.

It’s tempting to go to that work party our out with friends for a night of fun, but then that develops poor eating habits if we aren’t careful. Use a plan and strategy to combat these influences and keep yourself on the path to better well-being and nourishment.

Some Simple Tips How To Plan Success For Better Eating Habits

Only Choose Whole Grains

When you have not choice but to order a meal at a fast-food place or your corner store, remember you can also save your nutrition by saying, “I want whole wheat to  go please.” So the next time you are at the local Subway on your road trips with friends, get a foot-long on “whole wheat” bread and save yourself!

Pack Meals

Having something like a bag of nuts, protein shake or a bag of baby carrots on hand will save you more times than you know. When you’re starving and people offer you an unhealthy snack, or you simply notice some junk food while you are out, this will save you from regretting bad decisions later.

Only Lean & Green

Remember that you should have about 2/3 of vegetables as part of every meal you eat to get good nutrition. If you aren’t eating lean and eat enough greens, you are going to have a one-way ticket to feeling like crap. Make sure to get a least some veggies into every meal you eat, if it’s not at least half of the meal.

Say No To Beer

Drink whiskey or low sugar drinks like vodka my friends, sugary drinks and ones which are high in carbohydrates like beer will make you fat and break down muscle tissues. Drinking drinks that are not good, but better on the body can help you make it through those days when you fall off the wagon and binge.


So, you want to get big or lean muscle? You want to get healthy, fit and strong like a pro? Well, it’s all in your diet. This is a topic of big importance that I want to discuss today, simply because people think that they can eat whatever they want, and it won’t effect their health…

So you hit the gym five days a week, and you workout hard, so why would you want to put all that hard work to shame. Eating right is about %80 percent of what will keep your body health, and to become stronger with muscle mass.

Simply put, you are what you eat! Period. You can expect stellar results from going and having a Subway sandwich right before or after your workout, trust me. I have tried, and it doesn’t work. The only way to keep your results in line with how you want to look and feel is to eat good-quality whole foods and super foods.

It’s also not about what you eat some of the time. However, you can still get away with eating a muffin or a piece of pizza every so often. Nevertheless, if you want to fit my friends, then you need to pack %96 percent of healthy produce and lean meats in your shopping carts.

While you walk through the isle take a look at the foods you are buying carefully, never buy too much frozen foods to cook for later. The fresher the foods, the healthier you will feel. Most of your healthy results will come from eating a variety of vegetables and fruits every day.

Make sure that you supply your body with healthy protein from sources like lean meats, fish, legumes and whole grains. Watch out for breads, because obviously these are not very good for your body if you want to become fit. If you must buy a loaf of whole-grain bread or multi-grain for when you crave it.

It’s always hand to have healthier alternatives right there when you give in to your sweet tooth and cheat food cravings, then the damage is not great. If you can just eat fruits or lots of oats and nuts to satisfy your hunger. Sugar is a no-no, eat fat!!

Animal fat is also a myth, eat plenty of natural fats that come from animals and fruits or veggies. If you’re wanting to grow muscle without getting weaker from eating too lean of a diet. Ultimately, you can’t out train a bad diet!

Your body needs good quality nutrients to build good-quality muscle, period. Those are my tips for the day, hope you enjoyed them! Feel free to follow or leave your comments below!