4 Signs You Might Want To Change Gyms

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There comes a point in everyone’s life where they need to take a look at the people around them and the environment they are in, then make tough choices. Could you need a change in your life? Your gym might actually be the wrong place for you to work out if you are noticing your workout’s and success are faltering.

Take action now and look around at your surroundings and make that judgement call, your fitness and health are number one! Here are 4 Signs You Might Want To Change Gyms, and get to a better place that is just the right fit for you.

4 Signs You Might Want To Change Gyms

1. Messy Weight Rooms

If you fall and trip on weights that were left lying around all the time you might be working out at a gym full of slobs.  If you aren’t working out in a place that is kept together where the people respect the equipment and take care of it, you really should try to find a better one. Why should you have to sort through other’s messes?

2. Staff Are Lazy & Not Fit

Are you motivated by the people around you? Would you be motivated working out around and with people who are fat and lazy? Your results will take a huge detour if you are in an environment where people don’t inspire you to work out harder. If people are lazy, out of shape and don’t seem to break a sweat why would you want to train there?

3. More Than %50 of People Talk and Don’t Workout

Is a large amount of chatting and socializing a common trend at your gym? You might want to think about a gym that gets people to workout and talk less to each other, or has a place for it instead of in the weight rooms and training areas. If you want real results, it’s about hard work!

4. People Have Poor Etiquette

Do people leave stuff in lockers, messy up the counters, break the hot tub, damage the machines? Are people stealing your weights and sitting on machines destroying your workouts? If you have a gym full of people with poor etiquette, try and find a classier gym and keep that in mind when you join a new one. This may be hard to find, but worth the effort finding.

Do you have any comments you would like to add or things you dislike about your gym? Feel free to leave some below.


What to lose weight without being a strict diet? Of course you do. And you can, with the proper knowledge and advice if you want to lose weight very easily without even changing your diet that much.

Losing weight is easy once you start changing your diet habits and keep your attitude positive. Everyone struggles when they first want to lose some weight. But when you follow a routine which will create success, you will feel more confident and live a better lifestyle.

16 Steps To Losing Weight Without Even Changing Your Diet 

  1. Eating Smaller Portions – Forget changing your diet if you’re trying to eat healthy already, all you need to do is cut down the meal size if you are already eating semi-healthy. Make your body burn off those calories much easier when they have less food to store fats from!
  2. Eating High Protein – This isn’t really changing your diet, just choose food items when you show that contain higher protein content. The higher the protein the more your body will convert into energy to burn off fat which is stored in your body.
  3. Eating More Frequently – Eating more smaller portions of food more frequently will kick-start your metabolism every-time you eat something. Eat more to loss weight, how much more fun is that than cutting down on the foods you eat?
  4. Using Water As Fat Burner – Water removes toxins and unwanted things within the body, so drink more water to lose weight! Water helps your body remove those fats cells much more efficiently.
  5. Exercise More Frequently – Don’t always focus on your diet, exercise! The more your exercise the less you have to worry about your weight. When you burn higher calories, you can eat more it’s just that simple.
  6. Exercise More Intensely – When you push heart rate up high that’s when your body begins to burn the most calories, remember this tip when you go to workout.
  7. Sleep The Right Amount – Make sure you are sleeping enough and not too much. If you sleep too much your body begins to store fat and the same thing happens when you sleep to little. Your body starts to get pretty bad at burning any fat when it’s not well rested.
  8. Skip Take-out – Forget eating out, this will actually add more calories to your body. Most meals look healthy, it most often is a trick by companies to get people who are health conscious to eat them.
  9. Wake Up Earlier – When you wake earlier, your body has more time to start burning fat. The time of day that the body burns the most fat is the morning, so make use of that time and go for a jog! Get er done!
  10. Stretch More Often – I have said this one many times, and when you stretch it helps your muscles break through the fat and remove more fat cells. A good stretch can help your body remove those stubborn fat cells.
  11. Perfect Better Posture – When you sit in a slouch you can get back problems and make it harder for your body to burn fat. When you have proper posture all day long it helps align your body to remove those unwanted fat cells.
  12. Never Sit For Long Periods –You need to stand up stretch and move so that your body can work better. Sitting too much in one spot is really unhealthy for your body and wont help you lose weight.
  13. Avoid Drive-Thru – Make sure that you avoid these places and never get fast foods. Pack lunches, eat left-overs so that you are not tempted to eat those fattening foods.
  14. Eat Raw – When you eat foods like fruits and veggies raw you are making your body take nutrients which will help remove fat cells.
  15. Eat Fresh Foods – Make sure your foods are fresh, old produce or canned fruits or veggies don’t have as much nutrients as fresh ones do.
  16. Chew Slower – When your food is chewed properly and slower it is easier for the body to digest and remove. Practice this and enjoy your meals much more!
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