How To Cleanse Your Body With The Right Nutrition

good nutritionBecause staying healthy and toxin free in today’s fast-paced and fast food society, it’s one of the most challenging things to keep your quality of health up. In this post, we will diesect ways and strategies where you can live harmoniously without those bad habits and toxins from entering your life and body.

Things like low energy, no vitality to jump out of bed in the morning and do all the things you love, you’re probably stuck in this sandpit of “societies” health problems and hedonistic ways. The truth is the truth; you are what you eat, and your mental strength will show in the way your body responds to everyday life. So how does one improve this quality of health?

Keep reading and I will break down how anyone can turn their life around without and program, diet or pill. All you really need to do is to focus on yourself, start to build you will power, and make better choices and ignore enough of the chaos around you.

First, you need to start by putting distance between you, and your regular activities which  you know are causing your body and mind harm. This may be hanging out with the wrong people, eating the food at the bar and things like this. Basically, you’re going to stop the things you used to do, even if you feel like you’re isolated.
This process is basically wiping the slate clean and reprogramming your brain to do positive and healthy things for yourself.
Next step is to plan out what you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on. This goes for groceries, hygiene products and so on. And now, make sure that they are only things that would be good for you, whole foods, new clothes, lots of healthy produce and lean protein items like chicken or lean beef.

Next phase is basically spending your time focused on eating as many healthy items as you can and basically grooming yourself, while enjoying exercises and lots of rest time.
This is just a start, but after a few weeks of eating lots of foods, especially with lots of antioxidants and oils for your skin. Get a variety of vegetables everyday and drink plenty of water to help remove the toxins from your body. This is much safer and better for you than some detox system that comes in a box.

If you have more questions on this road to freedom, you will start, please feel free to leave me a comment! After you start taking these steps on how to cleanse your body with the right nutrition. You should feel more will power to turn down the things that are bad for you!


My 3 Favourite Nutrition Books

Nutrition is just about on my mind everyday. How can I improve my health through eating different healthy foods, which ones are good and bad? What are the benefits of eating exotic fruits, for example?

These and many other questions are always important, since how much time do we spend thinking about food and planning how we eat it? So the more knowledge, the better and smarted you will be about all the healthy beneficial foods you can eat.

The only way to learn how to cook the foods that are the most beneficial is through reading and doing. My 3 favourite Nutrition Books that I have read, have help me learn how to be a better cook and live a healthier lifestyle.

My 3 favourite Nutrition Books

1# Gladiator Diet

Discover how to have peak health with these tips on how to eat. Designed for men, with the consideration for women to show how their men should eat is a very detailed book. This diet book, not only teaches how to eat healthy, it’s designed to make any man become a lean champion.

2# Fit Book

The Fit Book is very good at organizing your fitness and nutrition lifestyle. How can you keep track of your healthy diet if you don’t organize it? Never rely on memory to know what you favourite health recipes and meals consist of, record them with your FitBook. (Amazon for $22.95)

3# Food Cures

Enjoy a good read about food with healing properties? Well this book has a great number of steps that will heal your body while improve your physical shape. Enjoy a step-by-step guide to getting healthier with foods you love. This one is great because it will show you how to improve your nutrition easy and fast.