Say goodbye to your abs

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The holiday time is the perfect time of year to bulk up and put on those extra pounds. Most people know that will happen but they don’t want it to. They dread the holiday food because of that reason. PeHoliday Foodople like you and I are perfect for it. We see all the turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, and deserts as GAINS waiting to happen. You have to be comfortable with the fact your abs you thought you were starting to see last summer will be going into hibernation. That’s okay! Those abs will be back in full force next summer!

Now I’m not suggesting you gorge yourself with 5000 calories of apple pie and eggnog. That would just make you fat and unhealthy! Don’t go overboard or all of your gains will be just fat. A tool I’ve been using is This site will help you gauge the macro count to shoot for to make the gains…

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Meat, Potatoes and Kimchee…

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Meat, potatoes and Kimchee…  

That’s right.  I used to make this dinner like three times a week.  I had a good deer supply at the time and I had grown a bumper crop of potatoes that were delicious.  At the store I would get an all natural Kimchee brand with some ladies face on it.  I really can’t remember her name but her Kimchee was delicious.  Just cabbage, ginger, garlic, hot peppers, sea salt, water and time, not the herb.  It is a partially fermented food and is a digestive aid and general immune/well being booster that rules with deer meat and potatoes.  There is something about this combination that just fits perfectly.  I like to either sear or grill my meat rare to medium rare.  I usually use olive oil or butter, though pig fat, bear fat, or coconut oil will do fine.  I lightly season it…

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Fat Shaming – So Not Phat!

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This is a blog that is dedicated to being healthy, which I discovered is a very loaded term!

Does healthy entail having a good BMI?
Not being pre-diabetic, perhaps? I once was.
Being able to wear sleeveless without the flabby arms?
Or no muffin top wit dem jeans? Love handle’s, anyone?


She still looks good!

In other word, are we basically saying “Thou shall not be F-A-T“? This blog focuses on
cutting calories, getting to move and be active, and living a healthy & happy life.
Healthy & Happy. Aren’t those arbitrary terms?

I mean…I am doing this to lose weight…a.k.a wearing a shameless bikini …a.k.a not being “fat”… 

Can you be happy without being healthy, or healthy without being happy? The point is: we may be on journey to the body of our dreams, to seeing our grand children grow up, or just to cut our…

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The Fear of Missing Our Youth


Totally agreed to this topic, great article.

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I was driving on Route 16 between New Hampshire and Maine the other day, ferrying my co-workers from the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Lakes of the Clouds hut to my house in Rangeley for a night of relaxation after closing the backcountry hut for the season. The sparsely populated woodland highway was pitch dark, we had already seen three moose come out onto the road, and we were talking about our fears. Two seemed to be louder than the rest: the fear of settling down and the fear of not having enough time to do everything we wanted. What if there wasn’t enough time? What if the adventure came to an end before we wanted it to? These fears, palpable and real to everyone in the car, all of us twenty-two and twenty-three years old, echoed out into the blackness of the night. Out to the rest of our generation. To…

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Cranberry-Pistachio Citrus Butter Cookies

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Cranberry-Pistachio Citrus Butter Cookies. A mouthful of words, a mouthful of deliciousness. Seriously you guys… there is SO MUCH DELICIOUSNESS in these lil cookies. Dried cranberries. Pistachios. Lemon. Orange. Butter. Yum yum yum.

Cranberry-Pistachio Citrus Butter Cookies |

I made these cookies for the 2013 Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, and sent them to Alicia at Balancing Motherhood [who I found out is a fellow KD sister! AOT!], Renata at First Time Foods, and Emily at Pink Tiger in the Kitchen. I hope y’all liked them! I know we certainly did. They are buttery and nutty, full of holiday cheer.

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2013

I’m usually wary of baking with nuts and dried fruit, even though I love both on their own. I guess I associate nuts and dried fruit in sweets with old people cooking, or something weird like that [no idea why]. I’ve been trying to think of an exception for a good five minutes…

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Post Workout PowerUp – Options After Exercise

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ID-100128822You can hit that gym for 3 hours burning over 2,000 calories, or walk your dog around the block…depending on your fitness level, you still need to think about what to eat to recover after intense activity so you can keep yourself in top shape without turning into a zombie the following day.  It is recommended to have protein for muscle recovery and carbs/fat to replenish energy storage 30 minutes after activity.  Don’t assume that because you have SOME protein you will ‘bulk up’ as it is just as important for recovery as it is for muscle building. Here are a few good options for post workout recovering, or to recoup after shoveling all that snow:

  • Eggs – 1 large egg contain only 70 calories with almost 7 grams of protein. Pair some eggs up with kale, tomatoes, onions and avocado, and you have a super nutritious meal that will…

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