Fitnesstroop Fitness Blog: Better Training For Athletes

FitnesstroopWelcome to our third year as a fun fitness blog for athletes everywhere! Our goal is to continuingly improve ourselves with fresh ideas, targeted on training for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who can contribute and also share their ideas. Do you consider yourself a person who is interested in fitness, health and nutrition?

My goal as a fitness blogger is to help those in need of ideas to shape their lives into something better. Since I am not a fitness professional, just a person who has spent time with personal trainers and body-builders for the last eight years learning and growing with the best, I plan to help people conquer their goals.

My name is Daniel, and I hope you all enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it for you all. Everyday I am looking for brand new tips and ideas to improve the blog. One of them will be to migrate the blog to a new skin and leave WordPress. This way, I can add more value to everyone who visits.

Everyone who wants to be in shape and struggles with it needs help from someone like me once in a while, which is why I offer my help for everyone to get better training. My blog is not just for better training for athletes but for anyone who wants to breakthrough their frustrations and reaches their fitness goals.

If you follow my blog and subscribe, I promise to give you all the best advice when it comes to eating better everyday, utilizing successful ways to work out and improve your life. All you need to do is be consistent, and I will help guide you down the path to success.

With our busy lives, we all struggle with keeping on this path. So keep up the good work everyone, remember even small successes can lead to an overall goal to improve your life!

Nerd Fitness Blog: Watching Steve Travel The World

nerd fitness, fitness blog

Today I stumbled upon a really cool blog that I felt I should share with you guys! The Nerd Fitness Blog is about helping desk people, office people, nerds and the average joe become motivated for success and better health.

If you’re on the quest to become a better you by getting in shape, losing weight or simply putting on more muscle, this cool blog has great ideas and guidance. The funny part about this blog is that it all relates to nerdy things, like Optimus prime or the Star Wars rebel alliance!

Steve the blog’s writer is dedicated to his fans, since his goal is to inspire people and help them make positive choices in their lives. Giving direction to his readers on how to cook, how to exercise and what are the right choices to make for better health and well being.

Steve’s stories are very fun and enlightening with a twist and comparison to nerdy things, with a twist of humour and good intentions. Just like the post “Help! I’m Afraid Of The Gym,” which relates to Chewbacca and a delightful reference to Star Wars and Chewbacca the Wookie.

The comparison of the Wookie is actually a reference to an 18-year-old who is struggling with his first time going to the gym. Do you have the same problem, are you afraid to go to the gym for the first time and are worried about? Then check out this article, and see what the outcome is for the troubled young Wookie!

If you really like to read interesting blogs, then you will love this one! Until next time, if you have any other fitness blogs that you can suggest that you love to read and add them to your RSS feed…,please share! :)

Yummy Mummy Club Is Religion For The Super Mom!

Mom’s tell all one this just for mom’s fitness blog called the Yummy Mummy Club. Do you choose to be more than the average mom? Yummy Mummy Club is more than just fitness tips; it’s an online community where moms tell all!

From how to make healthy recipes at home for the whole family, this website shares a passion and enthusiasm for the healthiest lifestyle choices. Are you a wiz in the kitchen and love to cook? Well now you can learn some of the best recipes ever, or share your own with all the other ladies who visit the website.

This is a great website because it is not just for women, it even has tips for guys to improve their fitness and health too. These tips actually can help improve marriage, sex life and many other healthy lifestyle changers.

Are you a mother who just cannot seem to get the kids to eat something good for them if their lives depended on it? You can now with these delicious healthy recipes that kids love like “Two-Bite Pancake Bites,” a simple recipe that is fast, and you can prepare at home for the little tikes.

Conversely, how to track your “weekly guide to pregnancy,” which is one of the website’s more popular posts. There is something for everyone on this site, and not just about fitness, there are all kinds of things, including culture and events.

So check out this website today and enjoy some fun with the tips and articles at the Yummy Mummy Club!