5 Foods That Kill Belly Fat

belly fat, foods that kill belly fat

Want some easy tips on how to kill that annoying belly fat? It’s simple science really. You are what you eat. The truth is that eighty percent of having a flat belly is about what you are putting into your mouth every single day.

So be smart, eat smarter and don’t stuff your face with belly creating foods. The best way to kill belly fat is to eat foods that support increasing your metabolism, promote better digestion and kick-start your fat-burning furnace around our lower-body area.

Here are 5 foods that kill belly fat, which you can eat everyday and see better results within only a few short weeks. The key here is to remember what to eat and make sure that you buy them and keep your fridge and your lunch box filled with them.

F00d #1 – Whole Grains

These hearty breads and baked goods really save you from not only belly fat, they stop you from eating unhealthy pastries. Whole grains can actually help with hunger cravings, and boost metabolism to help burn belly fat. Fibre is really great at helping to ignite fat burning in the lower body!

Food #2 – Protein

Lean protein from meat such as fish and chicken are excellent at killing belly fat. The lean protein used as an energy source for the body, and if the protein is lean then your body starts to break down the fat cells after the protein have been absorbed.

Food #3 – Mold/Yogurt

These low-fat and fat burning treats are great to kill that belly fat. Try to get fat and sugar-free yogurt and just go to town on the stuff. You will notice yourself getting less hungry and this helps your body burn more calories, thus killing more belly fat.

Food #4 – Oatmeal

Oatmeal is perfect for burning belly fat, but avoid any added sugars. What you want to do is add fruit or honey, which is sweet but also great at helping burn off belly fat. Eat a bowl of this stuff in the morning and keep your belly burning fat all day long.

Food #5 – Water/Veggies

Water all day long is probably the best thing you can do to burn fat around your waist. However, veggies are just about as good as H20, make sure that you stuff every meal with more veggies that are rich in antioxidants. Your meals should be at least 2/3 rds veggies for best belly fat-burning results.

3 thoughts on “5 Foods That Kill Belly Fat

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