5 Reasons Your Muscles Aren’t Working During Your Workout!

Feeling muscle fatigue or just not getting the workout you want? There may be several reasons why your workout performance is lacking without your knowledge. Your muscles aren’t working the way you want them to because they haven’t been properly tweaked for a workout!

Muscles respond less to your workouts for many reasons, and it’s great to learn why so that you can assess your fitness constantly improver. There is nothing worse than trying to get a great workout when your body refuses to respond to the workout. Follow these items and learn how to maybe tweak your approach by getting your muscles to respond better to your workouts.

Reason 1 – Not Enough Nutrition

You might not be eating sufficient meals during the day or not enough protein. Keep track of how much you are eating and ensure that you get enough protein in your diet if you are a very active person who likes to work out. Use the protein calculator to find how much protein you need to be getting every day.

Reason 2 – Too Much Nutrition

There is such a thing as eating too much and not letting your body absorb the right nutrients. If you eat to much of the same foods and not enough variety, especially of the veggie kinds, this may be your problem. In order for your muscles to work effectively they need quality nutrients, so how many servings of vegetables are your getting each day?

Reason 3 – Routine Failure

So you are not following a routine or have started one and fallen off the wagon by forgetting it. This is what happens to many people, if you forget to track your results, you will never be able to monitor how much you are doing, which might be the reasons why your muscles are not responding.

Reason 4 – Muscle Fatigue

Your muscles simply are tired, and may need to just need some time off. This is very common, people tend to overdue working out often without their knowledge. Keep your workout time limited and do. What is reasonable for your lifestyle and fitness level? Work out hard enough to get results, but let your body and mind get the extra rest if you notice yourself not getting through your workouts easily.

Reason 5 – Lack Of Challenge

Your muscles might have simply gotten used to the same workout moves and exercises, try adding something new to the mix. Do more multi-functional moves that use your own body weight for resistance. Do more pull-ups, chin ups and moves where you are required to balance like the one-legged squat…

one legged squats

Cheers, Happy Workouts!

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