10 Reasons Why Your Workouts Suck!

Had a crap workout that sucked? Well there really is a few reasons why your workout sucks, but I am sure you probably don’t even realize them.

Everyone has their off days. Even professional athletes who training consistently everyday for a few hours to maintain their incredible shape. But over their years of experience they know exactly what things to do that keep there off days that suck to a minimum and you can too!

Here are 10 Reasons why your workouts suck, and some great advice from my experience over the years on how to fix these problems. So without further writing let’s get right into them, shall we!

1. Way Too Boring

This is often common and people don’t even enjoy working out, that’s a really bad sign. Once you don’t like your workout, you’re going to have a bad workout. You need to switching things up, get some knowledge of your own and innovate your workouts. Learn as much as you can and change things up with new moves. Check out this post about 48 Fun Ways To Exercise!

2. Need Sleep

If you’re workout sucked you probably might need to rest more, if you can lift or do a great workout this is why. Your body needs to get consistent sleep to repair and replenish all the nutritional stores and vitamins. Without rest your going to have crap workouts which only get worse, get 8 HOURS per night!

3. Ate Crap Food

You are what you eat, so don’t eat that burger or piece of pizza before you workout. Try eating whole foods like potatoes, whole grain breads and lean protein, plus throw in some sugars and fats like peanut butter and fruits. Remember your body needs lots of stored energy for a good workout, make sure you eat enough and don’t forget to eat.

4. Too Much Caffeine

Many people take caffeine supplements for their workouts, but sometimes you can have too much of them. This is also bad, really limit your caffeine intake otherwise you will overdo it in the gym. Here is a post about “How Much Caffeine is Too Much?“, learn why you should avoid too much caffeine.

5. Forgot A Warm Up

Workouts such without any warm-ups, you have to get that blood pumping before you use those muscles. Don’t just jump into your workouts, ease into them with about a 5-15 minute warm-up. You will improve your results and the ability to have a good workout by more than %50 percent if you do this.

6. People Are In Your Way

Ok people are everywhere, you need to limit your contact and get to work. Without enough focus on your workout, your not going to have a good enough workout. Keep your distance, chit-chat briefly and keep on about your workout without stopping for very long. Get in and get out of there!

7. You Don’t Know What The Hell Your Doing!

Seriously, can’t say this enough! Get yourself familiar with how to workout. Without knowing your proper form and techniques your going to have bad time, and possibly injure yourself. Don’t just look around you at what other people are doing, learn the moves yourself and check in the mirror to make sure you are doing them right.

8. Your Daydreaming Again

Get your head out of the clouds, stop zoning out and pump out those reps. This is funny to see, I notice people all the time at the gym who are staring at their feet or off in the distance somewhere. Don’t do this. These people never get results and they get lazy, like honestly why are they here???

9. Your Gym Sucks

Come to reality, your gym might actually just suck! Maybe it is time you checkout some other gyms in your area and see if they offer better equipment, membership fees and benefits. You might actually find a place that will get you in the shape and motivation you need to help with your workouts.

10. You Have A Busy Schedule 

Maybe your mind is somewhere else, or you have to be somewhere in the next 40 minutes. Whatever the case, put that stuff out of your mind for your workout. You need to forget and focus, never rush too fast through a workout. This is bad. You could injure yourself or simply have a carp workout because you didn’t do the exercises right. Stick to the game-plan!

If you have any-more reasons why your workout might suck, please feel free to leave them below! I love subscribers, so submit your emails :D!!!!

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