4 Good Reasons To Use A Tanning Bed

People these days are skeptical about using a tanning bed, because of the claims that you can get Cancer easily or it is unsafe. But studies show that tanning moderately can have some very beneficial side effects.
If your waiting around for summer to come to get a nice tan going, then get into a tanning bed for quick tan a few times a week and maintain a healthy limit. People that are at the most dangerous levels of getting burnt or causing skin damage are the ones who might develop something serious.
Maintaining a good limit to how much you tan can improve your mood your attitude and change your life if taken care of responsibly. Here are some great reasons why using a tanning bed is not only good for you, but something that you should do to help with your happiness.
4 Good Reasons To Use A Tanning Bed
  1. Tanned Look – The “beached” tanned look turns heads, but not when you look like a wrinkled old leather handbag. So everything in moderation, but with a tan your body’s muscle definition increased by %30 percent even from a few times of tanning.
  2. Vitamin D – Tanning beds offer your body a good dose of Vitamin D, if you live in a place with little sunlight then this is a great way to get more of those rays your body needs.
  3. Improves Your Mood – Tanning improves your mood in several ways, you look better, feel sexier and the Vitamin D absorbed helps to give your body that natural happy feeling that it uses from Vitamin D.
  4. Reduce Stress – People have so much stress and tanning is one of the ways that you can reduce stress. Relaxing in a bed not only makes you feel comfortable but the Vitamin D that you get also contributes to help with stress levels.

Tanning is a great way to look good and feel good all year round, but should not be done consistently for a long period of time. For example if you want to get a deep tan go often for 4-6 weeks then stop and do not tan for at least 2 months, making sure that when you have the tan that is your limit.

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6 thoughts on “4 Good Reasons To Use A Tanning Bed

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  2. Threre is no safe way to tan except in the sun while wearing sunscreen. Every minute you spend in a tanning bed increases your chance of getting skin cancer. I understand your claims about moderation, but you are still putting yourself at risk with a short exposure. The more you tan, the more you WILL look like a leather handbag when you are older, so I don’t see the logic in that point. And please explain to me how tanning increases muscle definition??
    I was a victim of melanoma when I was only a teenager, and it was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. I don’t want others to go through the same thing I did.

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