How Do You Fix Bad Shoulder And Arm Injuries?

These are probably the most common problems for people who exercise often. Fixing shoulder and arm injuries is something that is sometimes very hard to do, and most people develop at some point in their lives.

This problem is very annoying since shoulder an arm injuries can be very painful and seem to stay around forever. So how can we fix these painful but small injuries and help avoid them from happening in the future?

First we must understand a little more about what types of injuries their are and what they do, so we can then figure out how to fix them. For example tendonitis and other muscle pain can be caused by inflammation when you keep working out the same area that is injured and needs fixing.

We must first diagnose which arm and shoulder injuries you may have so we can discover common ways to treat and stop them. Shoulder and arm injuries are very tricky to fix since most people continue to induce injury even after they know they have them.

Common Shoulder & Arm Injuries

  • Shoulder Impingement
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Torn Rotator Cuff
  • Separated Shoulder
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Tennis Elbow

These common shoulder injuries are the more serious but common diagnosis of shoulder and arm injuries. Many people suffer from a build up of cartilage or have simply over-training and torn a tendon that needs treatment, you will notice this if the area is swollen and extremely warm and causes you severe throbbing pain.

These common types of shoulder and arm injuries are really bad and could lead to long-term damage so it’s best to fix them right away. We will now discuss simple remedies that will help you fix those common shoulder and arm injuries and get you back to normal.

The great thing about muscles is that they can always heal, you just need to let them heal and rest.

How To Fix Bad Shoulder And Arm Injuries :

  • Rest and stop use of injured area for at least 48 hours
  • Ice with an ice pack for 3-4 hours a day
  • Compress and support the area with tensor bandages
  • Keep the area raised support it on a pillow

If you are able to after your injured area feels better its a good idea to perform some light stretching exercises to see if the injury is at all healed. If your still in pain or having problems after resting for a 48 hour period you should consult you doctor.

If there is still pain you doctor may want you to get an x-ray and make sure that you haven’t developed any serious long-term damage. The issue is that most people continue to exercise hard and do not take care of their injuries and let them get worse.

Ensure that you are back to normal before continuing working out on those areas, do cardio and other exercises just avoid the injury or try to go light until healed completely.  If you want to improve your muscles ability to heal faster drink plenty of water and eat plenty of food.

You can also pick up some Glutamine that will speed up your muscles recovery from Amazon for only $20.39. L-Glutamine helps muscles repair very quickly.

If you have had any serious or minor shoulder and arm injuries and have tips on how to heal them please leave your comments below!

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