4 Reasons Why Going To The Gym Is Bad For Your Health

The gym is just the place that can and will cause problems for your health, especially when you think you’re doing something great for your health and fitness. Your body can only handle so much muscle tearing, restricted movements and routine cardiovascular activity before it gives out and you get hurt.

The gym is a place that you should only go to %40-60 of the time to workout or if you want to build more muscles. The other half of the time you should be progressively getting better at exercises that do not limit the way your body should normal move and work to exercise.

If you avoid the gym half the time your can increase your health, build stronger muscles/flexibility and increase the chances your body does not develop permanent injuries. This is why we have listed 4 reasons why going to the gym is bad for your health and how you should change your outlook on the way you exercise.

4 Reasons Why Going To The Gym Is Bad For Your Health

  1. Destroys Joints – Many people overtime develop joint problems and end up having to regularly going for massage therapy and throwing good money away. Your going can only take so much stress especially from pounding out heavy weights consistently for mostly men.
  2. Creates Weak Areas In Muscles – When you keep doing the same exercises in the gym for years your body is actually only getting strong in certain areas and certain areas are 100% certainly getting left out. Over time your body will develop weak areas, this will make it easy for your body to get injuries especially as you get older.
  3. Limits Your Progress – Your body will always plateau in the gym even if your take time off and come back weeks later since muscle memory remembers the movements immediately. You will never increase your progress unless your body does something new and if you’re not doing something challenging and different every workout it will halt any progress. This is harder to maintain in a gym. Even with so many different moves that you can do in the gym you body needs the real thing.
  4. Simulations VRS Real Thing – Your body is only getting a simulation when it uses machines and was never designed to get 100% effective workout from simulations. Your body since the beginning of time works best when it’s challenged with the real thing and not restricted in movement. Your body will always get a more effective workout for example running down a beach barefoot on the sand than a treadmill for 20 minutes and will always build tougher muscles from chopping a tree down with an axe instead of doing a 90lb should press for 12 reps guaranteed.

Not that a regular gym routine is going to be bad for you but it’s also going to create issues and problems for your health if you do not realize them. Being more aware of what you are doing for your body at all times is the only way you can really make sure you always staying on top of your health.

Leave any comments below if you have any comments or suggestions about why the gym can be bad for your health!

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7 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Going To The Gym Is Bad For Your Health

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  4. I am writing a paper for school and this helped a lot! I was wondering if you had any answers to how the gym is bad for you emotionally and not just physically? It would be a great deal of help!

  5. Sir I have been going to gym for the past one year and , i have stopped because i have parkour event ,the workout of parkour is terrific without any instruments , we strong our muscles , running , pushup’s and etc , 3 day’s in a week morning 6 to 7:45am ,
    1, Shall I go to gym ?
    2, Will they affect my body?
    3,3 days parkour and 4 days gym.
    4, please advice me.

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