3 Cool Ways To Harden Muscle

Do you want that hard and chiseled look to stay all day long and not just after you have a good workout? Your muscles need to have a supply of energy and hydration to keep pumped up with that hard chiseled look. As a matter of fact it’s not that hard to get your body look like that all the time, it’s all about how hard you train and what you feed your body. There are some very cool ways to look harder, stronger and feel like a chiseled beast.
Here Are The 3 Cool Ways To Harden Muscle

1. Get A Pump On – You can get your muscles pumped up several ways and not just by lifting weights. You can do some jumping jacks and stretches when you wake up in the morning and increase the hardness and pump of your muscles by up to %50 percent. When you pump up your muscles for at least 30 minutes when training you can keeping that hard look for the rest of the day. Just keep yourself hydrated with water or another form of electrolytes like coconut water.

2. A Monster High-Protein Sandwich – After your workout is when you need to feed your muscles to growth and recharge. Get more muscle and more power with carbohydrates and a monster sandwich packed with protein like the “Fat Killer” to show your pumped up muscles. Here’s the recipe:

2  slices sprouted bread
6  ounces sliced, skinless turkey breast
1/2-oz. slice reduced-fat Swiss cheese
2  tsp. hot mustard
Watercress--as much as you want

The key is to eat a large amount of protein in your diet and cause your muscles to define, grow larger and break through the skin looking hard even when you’re not flexing them. Turkey which is the main ingredient is one of the best sources of lean and healthy protein, and very inexpensive so go and get some today if you want to change your body to look harder.

3. Intense Cardio – If you do intense cardio, you not only rip off the fat to expose more hard and lean muscle. Intense cardio will also improve muscle tone and shape lean and harder muscles.

If you want to get harder muscles through increasing your testosterone, which many weight lifters and body builders do you can try a test-booster. Increasing your testosterone help your muscles stay harder longer, thus eating more animal fats in meats helps this process along.

If you want to pick up a great test booster try “Animal Test” and you will nice an increase in energy, strength and notice your muscle mass stay harder and longer. You can pick up this pro-testosterone supplement on Amazon for only $58.11 and feel your muscles harden from the potent natural extracts within Universal Nutrition’s Animal Test.

Made from all natural ingredients Animal Test, is one of the most popular supplements for improving muscle mass growth and which also increases how hard your muscles stay from the constant flow of testosterone.

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